Could Farmers’ Markets be the Solution to Food Deserts?

If you ask an individual living in a food desert what his biggest problems are in accessing healthy foods, his response will most likely be access and affordability. One solution to these issues is the “farm-to-table” movement—the process of producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers through farmers’ markets and other venues.

One of the most innovating ways to bring the farm-to-table movement to food deserts” is to put the fresh food on wheels and bring the farmers’ <Read More>

GMOs: to Label or Not to Label?

A genetically modified organism is an organism whose DNA has been altered or manipulated through genetic engineering. Individual genes are transferred from one organism to another to produce crops that carry specific desired traits such as larger size and resistance to disease and insect damage. Making genetically modified plants can take a few forms: by mixing plant cells with a special bacterium (agrobacterium) which injects DNA into plant cells; or using a gun to deliver DNA into the nucleus of <Read More>

Food Subsidies 101

Why is it You Can Buy a Burger For a Dollar When You Can’t Buy [insert fruit/vegetable variety of choice] For the Same or Less? Unshared Bounty is here to give you the basic breakdown to this extremely complex question.

This blog aims to give a brief history and overview of the Agricultural Act of 2014, the food subsidy programs within the Act, and how the Act effects current food costs. To first understand food cost, it is necessary to understand <Read More>